Stat of the Day: Heat Map of Stock Performance Looks Good Today

Courtesy of, these heat maps give you an idea of the breadth of the stock market rally. Look at the year’s heat map to see what a broader recovery in shares looks like over a longer time frame. My takeaway is that the rally in shares wasn’t that broad-based over the past few weeks but, curiously, given some of the weak data in the US, it is starting to broaden.

Here’s today – very broad-based rally:


Here’s the past week:


And here’s the past month:


Finally, the last year:


  1. J. Powers says

    This is an excellent tool for intuitive analysis. Is there a way to work in a representation of volume as well? A broad-based rally, yes–but wasn’t rather a shallow one?

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Not sure if they do volume metrics that way. Take a look at their site There is definitely a lot more to what they offer. They do a lot of different indicies.

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