BP Downgraded All the Way to BBB By Fitch and Other Links

I will probably be out all morning so posts will be light. But, in the meantime for you double-dip recovery fans I have an old link from last year for you to remind you this has not been a real recovery but a statistical one. 

It would have been nice if the Obama Administration had concentrated on jobs from the get-go instead of bailouts. When we get more of those, call me.

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  1. Daniel says

    since a week or so, I can’t visit your website with Opera 10.53 (and Windows 7) any more. The browser freezes and I have to close the whole thing with the task manager. When I restart the browser and I don’t close your website fast enough (Opera opens all windows that were open) the browser freezes again. I have to copy the links from twitter, start IE and paste it there. Thoughts?

    And 2 points about the german economy: So far, it looks pretty good and all the concerns about the labour market don’t seem to come true. The DIHK thinks that there will only be 3,2 million unemployed people in 2010, the labour market moves in the opposite direction as predicted by economists (in may 2009, they said that we would have up to 5 million unemployed people in 2010)

    DIHK: Firmen profitieren vom Export und investieren wieder mehr


    It’s not only the DIHK, the Arbeitsagentur also says that demand for labour is surging


    If you scroll down, you can see the demand for labour for many years. If this indicator is correct, the last recession (internet+reunification bubble) was worse than this one. Demand for labour hit a low in Dec 2004 at 96, all time low of this recession was 122.

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