Links: 2010-05-18 P&G flash crash trader revealed and Congress blocks IMF aid to Greece

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  1. BBC News – UK inflation hits 17-month high
  2. The zloty’s loss is Poland’s gain as exports surge | beyondbrics |
  3. Does Argentina have lessons for Greece on exiting a crisis? | beyondbrics |
  4. John H. Cochrane: Greek Myths and the Euro Tragedy –
  5. Fiscal austerity measures could hit corporate credit, analysts warn –
  6. FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – Sterilised and scandalised
  7. / Europe – Greek minister sacked over husband’s taxes
  8. – Stephen Roach – New battle plan needed for a crisis-prone world
  9. Toxic CDOs Beset FDIC as Banks Fail –
  10. Euro still overpriced | Money Supply |
  11. Can Federal Debt Rise Forever? | Mother Jones
  12. Wealth, Race and the Great Recession – Economix Blog –
  13. Fiscal Austerity Fever Goes Global – Marshall Auerback
  14. Wall Street’s gone rogue, says Grantham – Pensions & Investments
  15. Australian Wikileak founder’s passport confiscated – The Age
  16. Banks dump Greek debt on the ECB as eurozone flashes credit warnings – Telegraph
  17. Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites
  18. Cutting the Cable as the Economy Pinches – City Room Blog –
  19. German Households Are More Indebted Than Greeks: Chart of Day –

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