Links: 2010-03-28 – JP Morgan pulling a Hunt Brothers and deficit doves and hawks

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  • Who Will Tell The President? Paul Volcker « The Baseline Scenario
  • interfluidity – A different perspective on interest rates
  • Google’s Chrome Leaves Another Hackathon Unscathed « The Firewall –
  • Maureen Dowd – A Nope for Pope –
  • Jesse’s Cafe Americain: Whistleblower Speaks Out On J. P. Morgan’s Market Manipulation – Reports Violations to the CFTC in the Silver Market
  • Obama Announces 15 Recess Appointments – Swampland –
  • Econbrowser: Does Unemployment Insurance Necessarily Raise the Unemployment Rate
  • Fed’s Sack Says Financial System Needs Leverage –
  • Rosenberg: getting more worried, not less » Investment Postcards from Cape Town
  • The Final Tally: More Than 1100 Cities Apply For Google’s Fiber Network
  • The paymaster: Angela Merkel –
  • Second mortgages complicate efforts to help homeowners –
  • Move Over, China. Google Has a Russia Problem, Too – Business – The Atlantic
  • Is the Euro Overvalued? – Martin Feldstein – Project Syndicate
  • Business English: Poland holds fast amid economic storm |
  • Be careful of bilateral trade numbers – Michael Pettis
  • España será invitado permanente en el G-20 · ELPAÍ
  • El Banco de España cifra en 165.000 millones los activos inmobiliarios problemáticos –
  • FDIC Pares Aid for Bank Buyers –
  • AIB fights tooth and nail in bid to stay out of state ownership – Irish, Business –
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