The U.S. Dollar is now at parity with the Swiss Franc

Benchmark Currencies: 16 Dec 2008


Nearly one year later and the U.S. dollar is looking very weak – and not just against the Euro, but also against Sterling and Swissy, and especially against the Loonie and the Aussie Dollar.  Even the Japanese Yen is up against the U.S. Dollar. And of course, the Chinese Yuan is stable against the U.S. dollar because of a peg.

Benchmark Currencies: 25 Nov 2009


Will it continue?  That is the question we all want to answer. There are fears that a reversal could be violent, disrupting the global economy. But, if the dollar’s descent does continue, expect to hear a lot more cries for protectionism against cheap Chinese goods – this time from Europe.


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Swiss Franc Strengthens to Parity With Dollar on Recovery Signs –

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