Chart of the day: US Dollar

Something dramatic is happening in the currency markets. I commented on this in my post “U.S. Dollar rising dramatically.” These currency moves are related to international dollar debt, the carry trade unwind and expected interest rate cuts due to slow growth.

Charts might help show the magnitude of the moves we are seeing. Below are charts of the U.S. Dollar against the Euro, the British Pound, The Canadian Dollar, the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen. The Dollar is rising against all these currencies except the Yen, where the Yen is rising even more dramatically.

Note: Most U.S. dollar currency cross rates are expressed in Dollars per foreign exchange currency. However, following market conventions, the Pound and Euro cross rates are expressed in FX currency to the dollar. This makes these graphs appear to show a falling dollar.

U.S. Dollar – Japanese Yen

Euro – U.S. Dollar

British Pound – U.S. Dollar

U.S. Dollar – Swiss Franc

U.S. Dollar – Canadian Dollar

Currency Charts – Forex Street

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