Rumors are true: McCain almost switched parties

Apparently the rumors are true, despite what McCain now says. He almost became a Democrat. Jake Tapper has uncovered the story which proves it, buried since 2006.

Remember how McCain blew up at Elisabeth Bumiller when she asked him about his wanting to be on Kerry’s ticket in 2004 (like Lieberman obviously wants now)? His dealing with the Democrats is a touchy subject for John McCain. He obviously wants to ingratiate himself with the party’s base. And reminding people that he has been cozying up to the other side is not going to be a way to win the hearts and minds of the conservatives in his party who already dislike him.

So, McCain is flip-flopping on everything under the sun from abortion to oil drilling. But the evidence is clear. He wanted to be Kerry’s running mate in 2004. And he did consider switching parties in 2001. Here’s the evidence. And here’s the pdf to go with the video.

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