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Pre-inaugural fiscal relief unlikely

I want to take stock of the economic landscape in the US now that the Thanksgiving holiday is past. There are three decisive variables in my view. The first is the ability of the healthcare system to deal with the coronavirus and keep…

Addendum on divided government

In the last post, I linked to the wrong video at Real Vision. The one I linked to was about Europe's shutdowns and a worsening Covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to link to Monday October 26th discussion. Here is the link. I also found a comment…

Sanders’ Socialism vs Crony Capitalism

It was almost exactly nine years ago that I wrote called “Corporatism masquerading as liberty” at Credit Writedowns. The gist was that, as I put it then the “‘Corporatist’ is a kleptocrat masquerading as a believer in liberty. He uses

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