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Spain’s economy is in tatters

In the wake of the Reinhart-Rogoff controversy, there is certainly going to be a push forward toward stimulus. And Spain is going to be a leading player here. The problem for Spain is that the country is beset by deflationary forces from…

Maastricht and All That

The following is an excerpt of an article written exactly twenty years ago on 8 October 1992 by the late Wynne Godley, a British economist, who predicted disaster for Europe’s planned single currency. This is the single most cogent and…

Should we be optimistic?

I have had a lot of other things on my plate and haven't been able to write as regularly as I would like. But I am going to try to increase the volume of posts by putting out more quick hits like this one that capture my macro view without

Spain is the New Greece

Spain has become the new Greece. Actually, in many respects Spain is now worse than Greece. The Spanish unemployment rate is already so high and unlike Athens, Madrid has made no headway in reducing its public debt levels (whereas the…

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