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Euro Crisis Enters Dangerous Stage

We see no easy way out of the current turmoil. The result of enough fiscal austerity to relieve the debt pressures is a severe recession or depression. Historically, independent nations undergoing austerity have accompanied the policy with…

Point of Maximum Pessimism?

We have been structurally bearish on equities since Absolute Return Partners was established in 2002. ‘Structurally bearish’ does not imply that we, or our clients, have had no exposure to equities throughout this period. Neither does it…

Faber: Market May Fall Below 1,100

Marc Faber told CNBC yesterday that he thinks the S&P500 could fall to as low as 1010 by the end of the ongoing sell-off. Faber also believes gold could fall. However, he believes both markets are oversold and is more keen to buy gold…

Watch the Hang Seng

We’ve posted many times on this blog about how the Hang Seng Index is one of our indicators species for global risk appetite. The index usually leads global markets on the downside and turns up before most.

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