Steve Hanke on currency boards and Paul Brodsky on bottom-up investing

I haven’t posted to the blog portion of Credit Writedowns for some time because my schedule has been filled producing the finance show Boom Bust on RT. So I apologize for not having a lot of content for you. Last week, I hosted my first complete show on the TV show I produce called Boom Bust because the anchor, the wonderful Erin Ade, was out sick. It’s on currency boards and bottoms up investing. I also do a bit of a monologue on Apple. Subscribers can see my written comments here.

Full description a video below

I hope you like it.

Apple is the big name in the technology space today. It’s also the big dog in market cap too — valued at a gargantuan one half of a trillion dollars. Apple has released its latest earnings. And there was a lot of skepticism ahead of the release. Edward Harrison takes a look at the numbers.

Then we sit down with Professor Steve Hanke to talk about currency boards and Latin America. Hanke is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and an important advisor in creating currency boards in various countries throughout the world. After the break, Edward speaks with Paul Brodsky, an investor and co-portfolio manager of the Global Unconstrained Fund at Kopernik Global Investors. They talk about gold, government intervention in the economy, among other things. Take a look.

In today’s Big Deal, Edward Harrison sits down with Manny Rapalo, a producer on Breaking the Set, to talk more about disintermediation. They talk about airlines, Tesla, and Apple. Check it out. 

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