News Links: Greek Default: Why Now May Be Best Time to Do It

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  1. Dave Holden says

    Why economic inequality leads to collapse

    “The significance of a growing “wage-productivity gap” is that it upsets
    the natural mechanisms necessary to achieve economic balance. Purchasing
    power shrinks and consumer societies suddenly lack the capacity to

    Our Counterfeit Economy

    “Our current economic theory holds that any good or service produced
    has value, which we measure in dollars of gross domestic product (GDP). The intrinsic flaw in this way of assessing value is that it doesn’t recognize mal-investments.”

    Gmail Man

    Microsoft make fun of Google – the words pot and kettle spring to mind.

    Gonna Take Student Loans Eh?

    See, one of the nasties in Child Support enforcement has long been
    the denial of licenses of various sorts.  Professional licenses have
    been revoked for failure to pay and even mundane things like hunting and fishing license applications check for defaulted child support obligations now.  Some states will revoke driver licenses as well, which of course makes it a whole lot of fun to get to work in order to try to pay that obligation.
    appears that the noose is now tightening around young people’s necks
    who were foolish enough to take “government guaranteed” student loans”

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