Chart of the Day: International Manufacturing Compensation Costs Compared

By Global Macro Monitor

Great data from the BLS comparing hourly compensation for manufacturing. The second chart looks at the benefits component of the hourly cost.

The data are from 2010 and sensitive to exchange rate movements. We will post a follow-up chart in the next few days looking at the 2009-10 change in hourly compensation, breaking out the changes in wage and benefits versus the FX component. Stay tuned!

  1. Gary Hitesman says

    What is the story with Norway?

    1. Anonymous says

      See footnote #3.

  2. rice cake says

    Where is China?

  3. auntienene says

    Norway actually has a labor shortage.

  4. jakelamont says

    Look at MEXICO. FREE health care. Lots of Americans move there because for a VERY low premium they can get the same benefit.

    An engineer from Norway once told me that while everyone lives pretty well, few people there are actually wealthy, that income is more equal and compensations are public. It is considered an obscenity to make an extraordinarily large amount more than other people.

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