Is Iran About to Get Hot?

By Global Macro Monitor

Here is something brewing off radar. We’re wondering if this is a factor as to why crude is bid and gold is coming back? Debka wrote last week,

The inference was clear: The Israeli Air Force was strengthening its cooperation with Western allies in preparation for a NATO assault on Iran. The IAF also got a chance to study the lessons Western alliance air force tacticians had drawn from the eight-month Libyan operation which ended on Oct. 31.

Next, the IDF’s Home Command announced a large-scale anti-missile exercise in central Israel starting Thursday morning, Nov. 3.

Finally, Defense Minister Ehud Barak left for an unscheduled trip to London shortly after a secret visit to Israel by the British chief of staff General Sir David Richards earlier this week as guest of Israel’s top soldier Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

If the British general was in Israel only this week, why was Barak is such a hurry to visit London?

The answer came from the British media, which reported as soon as he arrived that the Ministry of Defense in London had accelerated and upgraded its contingency planning for participation in a US-led assault on Iran. They carried an account of plans for deploying large naval units including submarines to the Persian Gulf.

This post originally appeared at Global Macro Monitor.

  1. Norbert Salamon says

    This is a bluff, possibly “forcing” the client state. the USA, to increase sanctions.
    The USA can not afford to upset the oil market any more, there being no spare capacity to replace Irani oil. Aside from China [curtesy of 3 trillion $ foreign exchange fund] no oil importing country can afford $100 oil [today’s brent] they would go into depression with $200 or nore oil, This is especially true of Uncle San, the world’s nost profiligate user of enregy.

    1. David Lazarus says

      The US would suffer more than any other industrial country when oil crises strike. The US would definitely go into recession if that were the case. Lesser developed nations would suffer to a lesser extent. Europe and Japan of the major nations would be far less severely impacted. China and India would probably suffer as much as the US. Bizarrely while Americans think that Climate Change is a global conspiracy to get the US to give up its oil, the US military are making moves to be more efficient with oil.

      Also Iran could create significant problems for the US fleet in the Persian Gulf. They possess ultra fast torpedoes that the US may have no defence against.

  2. geerussell says

    I take anything from Debka with a mountain of salt. They’ve been running some version of that same Israel on the brink of war story for years, at least back to the start of the Iraq war.

    1. Sufferin' Succotash says

      You’re very wise to be skeptical about an “information” source that’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mossad.

  3. Jo says

    Don’t think strategic, think election 2012…that’s the only factor in play here.

    1. David Lazarus says

      It might be important, but the way Fox News will spin it so that it will not necessarily benefit Obama. Look at Libya, everyone regards that as a success but not for Fox. This is also a big gamble for any politician.

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