1. David Lazarus says

    It sounds like he thinks that the economy is back to its old pattern of short recoveries, with recessions more frequently. If that is the case it will clearly impact the US election cycle.

  2. Chad says

    It’s going to get worse…I absolutely agree. This is exactly why people need to get off their rears and start learning to take control of their lives.

  3. Jon says

    Things are going to get very challenging for many public service employees. However, in the long run America will beat this challenge and get back on track. If you press me hard, I would say by the last half of Obama’s second term things are going to get better for Americans, for America’s economy will be on real growth track, based on the policy the administration is following through.

    1. Franco says

      Ask yourself this question.Why should public workers get guaranteed pensions and the rest of us save for an uncertain future?

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