1. chp says

    Your top table looks wrong. For example, where are Nigeria and Russia (deficits of 26.5 and 19.7 in the bottom table)?

    Note: these deficits are almost exclusively oil.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      The top table is a compilation of the largest trading partners, not the countries with which the US has the largest deficits.

      1. chp says

        Okay my mistake, I thought you were trying to show where we had the largest deficits.

        In that regard, I’m skeptical about your claim that:

        “The list also includes oil exporters like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, but the lion’s share of the US trade deficit is in goods and services.”

        By implication, you’re not counting oil as a good, and I think, underplaying the role that oil plays in the deficit. The trade deficit can be seen this way:

        Oil $230 billion
        China $270 billion
        Other $130 billion

        Total $630 billion

        China and oil dwarf everything else.

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