Trader: “I go to bed every night; I dream of another recession”

This video clip has been making the rounds so I thought I should post it (without commentary). The line most people have focused on is the one I quoted in the post title. Feel free to comment.

Source: BBC financial expert Alessio Rastani: ‘I’m an attention seeker not a trader’ – Telegraph

  1. Bob Morris says

    At the end he says he did the interview to try to warn people to take preventative measures, maybe by the right kind of trades. I agree.

    Of course many don’t have money left to invest and shouldn’t be doing trading strategies they don’t understand but hey, for a while a few years ago, buying puts on home builders was like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. egghat says

    This is a half hoax: He is a trader (and not an activist from the “Yes Man”-group as rumoured by Forbes yesterday), but he is not a professional trader, but a hobbyist.

    See 3rd update (Sry in German only):

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Thanks for the tip. Felix Salmon had a good one on this.

      It’ll be interesting to find out what the story is.

      1. Tyler Durden says

        bbc did not get hoaxed. this is bbc bullsh*t from a bbc press release… that is them covering their sorry behinds. Alessio Rastani is genuine person. picture of his ‘modest’ house in the british press.

        1. Econ Mav says

          Oh Wow! It’s “Tyler Durden”

  3. Ben says

    Why the fuss about this guy? There’s been so much hand wringing about his comments. Im not involved in the City but I know a few who are. If this is his position, so what? I’m
    Sure there are many people like him and looking out wider sure a recession brings many goodies to companies and individuals who have saved, been punished by low interest rates to support the debt Market, then finding that assets are revalued at prices that were previously impossible. Art, books, stocks….whatever. This guy is far from

  4. RA says

    Can’t believe this guy made it on BBC. Doesn’t someone have to do more than day trade to be considered a financial expert?

  5. geerussell says

    The line I focused on was this: “The first thing people should do is protect their assets. Protect what you have.”

    That’s not crazy talk.

  6. DavidH says

    So, everything that has come out in the past 3 years about the mega financial corporations shouts that they will do anything to make money, and care nothing about the state, the population, their customers etc.

    Why would anyone be upset that this guy is basically saying that, and cautioning people to protect their assets. A number of other sites are saying the same.

    And just because the guy isn’t a big swinging d**k kind of trader doesn’t mean he’s not right.

  7. Heather Baggaley says

    I for one am pleased to see someone saying it the way it is.
    I get fed up with the doom and gloom merchants = I am with him. Why do others ‘denigrate’ what they know nothing about? I have listened to many a pundit being paid to make crass comments, read a few too. It is what it is…none of us individually has the power to change it…so learn to profit, no matter what.

    Well done to him for speaking out.

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