The Big Interview with Barton Biggs

Barton Biggs is the second market professional I have seen in recent weeks unexpectedly espousing public works programs to deal with the jobs crisis. First, it was Bill Gross talking about a job guarantee and public works programs. Now, we’ve got Barton Biggs doing the same thing.

Biggs spoke to the Wall Street Journal’s Simon Constable saying the U.S. needs to invest in a massive public works program, and that rich people and corporations should pay more taxes.

In this week’s Big Interview, Barton Biggs has a lot more to say too. But the works progam stuff is what stands out and what the WSJ has stressed as well. Video below.

  1. Beancounter says

    That last trillion might’ve been good for a public works program, say right after 9/11, on 9/12 what W should’ve done was create a US Energy Independence Marshal Plan to eliminate 100% of imports of oil and the reliance on them. Far better spent here than building anything in the Middle East where the probability of it being blown up is as good as it being hot and sunny on any given day.

    1. David Lazarus says

      I agree but since the government is partly owned by the oil companies they will not tolerate their business model being thrown out by any government. They bought the Republicans and the blue dog democrats so want their monies worth.

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