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  1. tyaresun says

    While I love any post that is positive about India I would urge you to also point out some of the pitfalls.

    The highly unbalanced distribution of the fruits of liberalization is a huge threat to the future of India, just look at the Maoist movements in various parts of the country. The nutrition levels of the underpriviledged have actually gone down NOT up after liberalization.

    Demography is certainly important and in India’s favor but please do not ignore the fact that 95% of all abortions in India are for female fetuses. 15 million missing female births in the last decade is not a small matter and will come to haunt this country.

    Last but not the least, the democratic process has been subverted in India just as in the West. Expect this to cause further distortions in the future.

    The Reserve Bank of India has certainly fared well compared to the rest of the institutions but the statistics are as questionable as in China. Do not buy the 10% inflation numbers, it is far worse than that as any spot checks will confirm.

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