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AIIB Prelude to SDR Decision

In what can only be seen an unexpected Chinese success, several US allies have agreed to participate in China and India's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The frustration with the US on this issue is palpable. There is another issue…

Relief rally in emerging markets

The emerging markets crisis has died down recently and we are resuming a normal bull market. That is bearish for gold. But when the emerging markets crisis heats up again due to the Chinese slowdown, a flight to safety will occur again.…

BRICs under pressure

As the emerging markets contagion spreads, the BRIC nations are coming under increasing pressure in the capital markets. As discussed previously Brazil and Russia are witnessing new multi-year/record lows in their currency valuations.

A case of broken BRICS?

The first seven trading days of September have offered all of these markets some much needed breathing space with EM currencies, bond and equity markets all doing considerably better. It is thus tempting to conclude that this was just…

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