Gundlach: “It’s very difficult to move forward with a debt-based economic scheme”

Jeffrey Gundlach spoke with Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider in an exclusive interview which they recently carried on their site. Gundlach believes that the economy is “a low-performance mode” that makes the unemployment overhang difficult to solve. In his view, there is “deflation risk in the economy at times when the government isn’t stimulating.” This has also been my macro theme during the recovery. It is the principal reason I believe anticipated fiscal and monetary contraction will mean a weak second half.

This is the same interview I presented two weeks ago, but I have highlighted a different segment of it. It’s a good interview in which Gundlach tells his own personal story and makes intelligent commentary on many investing and economic policy issues of the day.

Video below

Source: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Jeffrey Gundlach, The Best Bond Manager In The World, Joe Weisenthal

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