Technical Analysis: S&P500 Trendline Broken To Downside

This note from Andy Lees shows a potentially bearish trend developing in the US stock market, with the S&P500 breaking down below it’s long-term trendline since the federal Reserve started its second campaign of quantitative easing.

The S&P future has broken the trend line since last September, 9 months ago  when Bernanke first started enticing us with the prospects of QE2. Between the start of the rally and the peak the S&P future rallied 32% although is off about 4 1/2% from that high. The future is sitting on its 100 day moving average and 1300 may also act as support, but otherwise there is not much support until 1250 (lows Jan & Mar 2008 &  Mar this year), and even that is very marginal.

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  1. Kenny says

    There are a few more trend lines that may be of interest in there….×184.png

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