Gundlach on another crisis: “How much currency do you have?”

Joe Weisenthal sat down with bond manager Jeffrey Gundlach at Business Insider’s headquarters in New York. Below is a clip of that conversation. His views on the lack of financial regulation and derivatives financial weapons of mass destruction mirror the concern we have heard from Carl Icahn and Mark Mobius. Whereas those two see another crisis as likely as a result, Gundlach does not mention the word ‘crisis’; however, he does conclude:

“We’re setting ourselves up for yet another one of these experiences where people wake up and they realize that they thought that they had wealth but it was all in some sort of funny land.”

His take: Forget about gold for the time being. Investors need to own cash – currency, simply as a hedge against the risk of another derivatives mess down the line.

Basically, Gundlach is saying your grandmother’s trick of hiding currency under the mattress works.

Source: Jeffrey Gundlach: Here’s The Currency That’s Better Than Gold In An Extreme Crisis

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