Mandelbrot: Fractals and the art of roughness

A good talk by the author of the study of complexity in financial markets.

Also see these three books about chaos theory, roughness and fractals (all on the CW reading list):

  1. Viniboombah says

    Great now I get it. An autistic math genius spoke for seventeen minutes with his face staring at the floor about a cute pattern as useless a she is yet it explains everything and nothing about human nature and markets.

    1. Edward Harrison says

      It was a bit dense, yes. But it’s a subject I will definitely take up at
      some point. Very interesting topic.

    2. Relepast says

      what mandelbrot is saying is simple – that there are small patterns that come together in such a way that the form of the pattern repeats itself. you viniboombah refuse to accept this concept and realize that the same is true of the patterns we see in human nature or indeed in the markets. ignorance can also be fractal sometimes.

    3. Danny says

      If you don’t like Mandelbrot’s personal presentation, maybe try his books. There’s a review of The (mis)behavior of Markets here

      This kind of mathematics underlies Black (or at least Grey) Swan events – and Mandelbrot and Taleb appear together regularly.

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