Mood Music: Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ and Won’t Back Down

I’m off now. But I thought I’d provide two Tom Petty songs for you to listen to that reflect the mood after the crash earlier today (see What caused the crash? for the theories circulating about its genesis).

Tonight, we’ll see how Asian markets react. But, regardless of what happens in Europe, the 830ET jobs number is going to be critical. Anything below +100K will be a disaster in my opinion.

Enjoy Tom. Take your pick of song depending on your mood.

  1. Gbgasser says


    Really like what you are trying to do over at Yves’ place. Dialogue is key. I’m glad you are choosing Marshall to “take on” because I think he has a real unique way with words and understands his paradigm very well. As a non economist who cant get enough of economics, I have really found MMT compelling for the following reasons.

    1) Its framework for analyzing our money starts with operational realities, not wishful thinking.

    2) It wants the conversation to be about REAL things not man made things like money

    3) Taking 1&2 into consideration there is something for everyone to love; liberals, conservatives and libertarians (libertarians not so much, but you have started to tune in)

    When I watch and participate in conversations around the web regarding the debt topics as discussed by MMTers I seem to find a common thread which seems to come from the Austrian school advocates…. an aversion to money printing. SOOOO many seem to long for a return to the gold standard and “sound money” thinking that the rigid rules and “backing” our money with something, will save our economy from the ravages of spending frivolously.

    What I would like you to explore for me, because if you’ve never thought about this it will be very enlightening, is how in fact would we convert back to a gold standard? What operationally would have to happen in order to complete this change?


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