Chanos, Roach Discuss Outlook for China’s Economy

Another classic from Bloomberg News. It runs about 22 minutes.

I love Roach’s quip in jest to Chanos: "You ignorant slut." That quip in jest belies the congruence in Roach and Chanos’ views. Roach does say: "I’m not denying there’s not a bubble." He just feels the bubble will not lead to the kinds of issues it has done in the US because he has more faith in the Chinese authorities than the US authorities. Chanos is less sanguine about the Chinese.

This is a great interview from Bloomberg, yet again. You don’t get this on bubblevision, folks.

  1. dansecrest says

    That was excellent. Thank you!

    Even though I’m an MMT adherent, I favor Chanos in this debate. No way the Chinese dictatorship can embrace capitalism as they have, yet maintain the ability to guide the economy through the global downturn…

  2. Bob_in_MA says

    Jeez, Chanos kicked his ass. The China bull case is summed up as a complete faith in China’s central planners to rebalance the economy.

    In hindsight, their argument is going to look absurd.

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