Rogers: Chanos “couldn’t spell China 10 years ago”

No he didn’t. 

Jim Rogers, the bow-tie wearing Quantum Fund co-founder and Sino-enthusiast, has recently implied Jim Chanos doesn’t know China from a hole in the ground. Rogers is not happy about the recent bearish pronouncements coming from Enron-slayer and famed short-seller Jim Chanos.  In what looks to be a rumble in the jungle of  savvy market investors we have these choice words from Jim Rogers to kick things off:

I find it interesting that people who couldn’t spell China 10 years ago are now experts on China.

That’s pretty direct.

This dust up is one to watch because a lot is riding on China’s success (including Rogers’ credibility and money). I think Chanos makes very good points about China’s overheating economy. But you have to respect the opinion of a detail-oriented investor like Rogers, who sees a secular bull market in commodities in part based on China’s economic miracle.  And for the record, Chanos does not expect China to collapse as the source piece below says.


Jim Rogers: China not in a bubble, Chanos couldn’t spell China – Digital Journal

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