Roach: "weak, anaemic, fragile, potential vulnerable to a double dip”

This is how Stephen Roach describes the economy despite the largest monetary and stimulus in global history. Below is a TV interview Roach recently did on CNBC TV-18 as a video in two parts with the linked transcript at the bottom.  Roach says that historical precedent demonstrates recessions precipitated by large private sector debt burdens end in weak and halting growth. This recession is no different.

Implicitly, his view is bearish for equities in 2010. He believes most G-7 markets are priced for a V-shaped recovery that is not going to happen and that this fact will become evident later this year.  Roach also opines on the U.S., China, India and commodities.



Be cautious, eco vulnerable to double dip: Morgan Stanley – Money Control

  1. Vangel says

    I had to chuckle when Rocah stated that risky assets will be under pressure many times over the next few years. While I totally agree, I wonder if the sees US Treasuries as extremely risky or if listeners will understand the problems we have with understanding the meaning of the words that are being used by the people who are being interviewed.

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