Links: 2010-02-17 – Bubbles, Greece, Irish banks and Japanese consumers

As I am still away for the week, you have seen a lot of posts from others. I do still have a lot of links though, and may do two (or three) for today. Here is the first batch.  Enjoy!


  • Irony: Greek Banks Aren’t the Most Exposed – International Trader – Europe – Jonathan Buck –
  • Greek Statistician Is Caught in Limelight –
  • Mexican-Americans come closest to meeting national physical activity goals
  • Ireland poses real threat to future of the euro, says top think-tank – Irish, Business –
  • What the Halifax move will mean for the Irish consumer – Irish, Business –
  • Rising wages in China are a good thing – Michael Pettis
  • Predicting when the property bubble will pop is bad for your mental health
  • Walking warning on ‘crazy’ house prices – Sydney Morning Herald
  • Average household spending declines | The Japan Times Online
  • 34 U.S. deaths since 2000 blamed on Toyota sudden accelerations | The Japan Times Online
  • Saudi warning that sanctions against Iran may not work – Telegraph
  • Steve Jobs Doesn’t Trust Consumerist – The Consumerist
  • Why Is Delta’s "Bereavement Fare" $290 More Than A Regular One? – The Consumerist
  • Capital One credit card defaults rise in January | Reuters
  • Credit card delinquency rates level off | Reuters
  • BBC News – Foreign demand for US debt drops by record amount
  • BBC News – US to build two new nuclear power stations
  • Greece loses EU voting power in blow to sovereignty – Telegraph
  • JPMorgan Bombing: Bomb Explodes At Bank Offices In Athens

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