Links: 2010-02-12 – European recovery falters and mortgage problems

Folks, if I can get out of here [DC], I will.  I need the sun and that relaxation that only Mexico can provide.  So expect light posting next week.  Meanwhile, DC expects yet more snow on Monday (ha ha ha – Schadenfreude – ha ha!).

Have a great weekend.


Finance and economy

  • So Thats What Too Big to Fail Means – Economix Blog –
  • EconomPic: U.S. Consumer Keeps Chugging Along
  • FiveThirtyEight: Like Feds, States Deep In Red Too
  • Georgia Loosens Bank Lending Limits –
  • China: Hugh Hendry warns investors’ infatuation is misguided – Telegraph
  • Council of Economic Advisers Sees 8.2% Unemployment by 2012 –
  • BBC News – China banks ordered to increase reserves again
  • BBC News – German economic recovery falters
  • How long will you be underwater?, I: Some Numbers – Rortybomb
  • Wall St’s Biggest Bonuses Go to Not-So-Big Names –
  • US banks facing $1.4tn crisis over commercial property loans | Business |
  • Real Estate Blog – Is The FDIC Killing Short Sales?
  • Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Long-term unemployment in Canada and the US
  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – Buying out the mortgage market
  • Andy Xie: Steering Out of a Smash-Up No One Wants – English Caixin


  •  Don’t blame the traders | Seth Freedman | Comment is free |
  • Baltic States Rethink Euro Plans –
  • Germany demands austerity, not bailout, for spendthrift Athens | World news | The Guardian
  • Greek debt crisis: the view from Germany | World news |
  • Greece faces devaluation, default, or deflation. Next stop the IMF | Comment is free | The Guardian
  • Will markets call EU bluff on Greek rescue? – Telegraph

    Other News

  • RealClearPolitics – Analysis: Same talk, little action from Obama
  • Will Obama Destroy Any Hope of U.S. Energy Independence? – Casey Research
  • 30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus –
  • How To [email protected]#$ing Shovel Snow – The Consumerist
  • Wii Leads U.S. Video-Game Sales Lower With 31% Drop –
  • Skyfire acquires Kolbysoft, developers of the popular Steel browser for Android
  • Stop Google Buzz From Showing the World Your Contacts – Lifehacker
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