Links: 2010-02-10 – Greece, Google and Germany

I have read a number of accounts in European newspapers. I am surprised at how many of them simply parrot the Financial Times Deutschland article about Germany bailing out Greece – a line which was later denied by the Germans.  Some did not even write their source as this French language article from Le Monde did.  This is sloppy reporting. You have to be very wary of second- and third-hand information. Anyway, below are a few other accounts that give a fuller perspective as well as the rest of the links.

P.S. – I did some brief shovelling (only about 5 inches/12 cm) of snow outside but it was white-out blizzard conditions outside with 40 mph winds. So I went in in 15 minutes. No one’s going anywhere anytime soon in DC. This weather is worse than at the weekend.

The European Problem

Other news


Distraction of the Day: Miracle survivor in Haiti

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