Jim Rogers is still bullish on commodities

Hat tip gaius marius.

Rogers is not just bullish on agricultural commodities. He is bullish on oil too. Rogers says:

Over the next decade or so, oil is going to go much, much, much higher because known reserves are declining at a very rapid rate.

As for agricultural commodities, he’s talking about severe shortages of food. Stock up.

  1. Anonymous says

    This is just silly. Doesn’t Rogers realize that China is a big bubble waiting to burst? What does he think will happen to commodities when it does?

  2. Glenn Corliss says

    I have the upmost respect for Mr. Rogers, but I don’t think he fully appreciates how most global agriculture is still woefully inefficient, but improving. As efficiency continues to improve, agricultural supply will increase sufficiently to inhibit sustainable price run-ups caused by increased demand. In the short run, marginal demand from hedge-funds may push forward prices higher from time to time, but farmers will simply increase supply, pushing prices lower again. Unless you’re a short-term “trader” – something Mr. Rogers always claims he is not – then you’re better off playing oil or other commodities with steep supply curves to counter potential inflationary pressures caused by “helicopter Ben”.

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