Rick Bookstaber to join SEC

For those of us interested in seeing more robust and knowledgeable regulators in government service, the recent news that Rick Bookstaber is joining the SEC is quite welcome. While I disagree vigorously with much of recent economic policy, I view the Bookstaber news as a signal that the Obama Administration is serious about overhauling America’s regulatory infrastructure.

Bookstaber is a market veteran who has a long and storied history of achievement. He worked at Bridgewater Associates, ran the Quantitative Equity Fund at FrontPoint Partners and was in charge of risk management at Moore Capital Management amongst other things.

Here is how Rick put it at his website:

I will be working in the SEC’s new division of Risk, Strategy and Financial Innovation as Senior Policy Adviser to the Director. Here is a brief article and the SEC announcement. We are facing a critical time for defining the future of the financial system; an opportunity for financial reform that comes only once in a generation (if that), and I am excited to be part of this.

I will still be able to write posts from time to time, but obviously with limits on topics and with appropriate disclaimers. How much free time I have to do so, though, remains to be seen.

I won’t be able to publish comments for this post related to the SEC.

Congratulations to Rick. Let’s wish him success is in this important role.

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