News from around the web: 2009-11-08

  • | Erinnerungen an den Mauerfall: Merkel hat nach der Sauna rübergemacht
  • Top brains shun Ireland as smart economy withers –  (Science funding is drying up)
  • Bank of Ireland set for state ownership –
  • Discrimination Takes Its Toll On Black Women
  • Nothing But Net: The Physics Of Basketball Free Throws (Two engineers have figured out how best to shoot.)
  • Goldman Sachs boss: ‘bankers do God’s work’ – Telegraph (As with Varley, this will not be well received. But where does he invoke God? This seems an inaccurate headline.)
  • I am an idol and should be treated like one, says Lothar Matthaeus | Football | (This is an arrogant man who should be ashamed to make such a statement.)
  • NSFW: After Fort Hood, another example of how ‘citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth
  • The Irish banks are broke – but the bosses are still living high on the hog –
  • Mark Spitznagel: The Man Who Predicted the Depression – (I find this depiction of Mises inaccurate and propaganda against big government. The credit cycle is endogenous to the capitalist system as boom busts of 19th century America attest. The Fed’s artificially holding rates too low only adds to the problems. Read this with that in mind.)
  • Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Towards a Monetarist theory of Neo-Chartalism
  • Economic View – In Health Care Bills, a Catalyst for Salaried Doctors –
  • Nominally misguided (wonkish) – Paul Krugman Blog –  (Quantitative easing doesn’t work)
  • Nobel Laureate Phelps Says U.S. Recovery Will ‘Run Out of Gas’ – (He is not in favor of stimulus)
  • Ellen Brown: Job Losses? Not in North Dakota. A Stimulus Plan That Really Works (Interesting tale of state-owned bank. Reminds of farmers in the Great Depression. Not something I favor given the experience in Germany with HSH Nordbank, WestLB and the like.)
  • US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner slaps down Gordon Brown’s ‘global tax’ – Telegraph (To be expected)

    Distraction of the Day: Britney Spears caught lip synching in Australia

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