The market is moving. You should be too.

That was the title of an e-mail I received from my bank today. Here is what the e-mail looked like:


This is what happens when markets go up. I don’t recall getting anything like this when the market was tanking. Obviously, there are a lot of people depending on you to invest in order to put food on the table.

I wonder if this is a contrarian indicator though.

  1. Ari Weinberg says

    Why block out the vendor? I got the email too.

    Also, a cautionary post at Vanguard the other day about some of their funds which have run too much! But it does give them a good platform for marketing.

    Contrarian, perhaps…but Schwab was marketing through the whole thing.

  2. Mark Wadsworth says

    Yup, that’s definitely a contrarian indicator!

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