Jon Stewart on Lenny Dykstra

Here is a clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart that highlights Lenny Dykstra, the former baseball player turned financial guru.  To my mind, it really puts the bubble years into perspective.

By the way, I am a Boston Red Sox fan. And, in 1986, when the hated New York Mets beat us in the World Series, I was living with two Mets fans. Needless to say, I got a lot of stick, so Lenny Dykstra is not one of my favorite ball players.

  1. aitrader says

    A Red Sox Fan – good on ya Edward.

    We broke the curse and now it’s time for number three in 2009. Papi’s back in form, Pedroia is running strong, and Lowell is holdin his own at third.

    Go Sox!

    (Oh, and Yankees suck!)

    1. Edward Harrison says

      Your last point is right on target: Yankees suck!

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