David Tice: All bearish, all the time

I love this guy. If you are looking for a guy who is super bearish on the U.S., then David Tice is your man.  He sees unemployment at 15%, stocks well down from present levels and a serious Depression with a Capital-D in the offing.  In short, he’s talking about a financial and economic catastrophe.  Obviously, I don’t see things quite as starkly based on my previous comments. Nevertheless, he is refreshing to watch. Very entertaining.

Below is a recent clip from 2 Jul 2009 that I caught of him spinning his doomsday tale on Bloomberg.  I liked it so much I decided to post several videos of him from earlier appearances on Bloomberg which are below the first video.  He makes a lot of sense if you watch them in chronological order from bottom to top.



12 May 2009


17 Apr 2009


05 Feb 2009


25 Aug 2008


9 Jul 2008


16 Apr 2008


06 Feb 2008


20 Nov 2007

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