Quote of the day: “That One”

Every U.S. Presidential election has a defining moment in the Presidential debates. I think we saw this election’s moment last night.

Throughout last night’s debate, it was obvious that John McCain had a sense of disdain for Obama he could barely conceal. However, when he called his opponent for the Presidency “That One,” he stepped over the line in a way that will probably cost him the White House.

Let’s be clear, I think Obama did not address the issues that are currently most important to the economy. And I gave his debate performance poor marks for that fact.

But, McCain’s comment will go down with George H.W. Bush’s looking at his watch or Ronald Reagan’s, “there you go again” quip in presidential debate lore.

See quote and video below.

Two minutes ago, McCain half-pointing at Obama and calling him, in the third person, that one.

The sense of seeing in real time a gesture that will be regretted for a long time.
James Fallows, The Atlantic

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