Personality type may decide elections

Voters in America are concrete, specific, and focused on the here and now by a margin of 3 to 1. To me, this has a real impact on the outcome of primary and Presidential races as candidates must speak in a way that resonates with those voters. But, there are other important ways in which personality type has a huge bearing on elections as well.

To recap the most important point from my April blog post, 70-80% of Americans are Sensors and only 20-30% are Intuitives.


Sensors often:
* Focus on details and specifics
* Like practical solutions
* Notice details and remember facts
* Are pragmatic – see and feel what is
* Live in the here-and-now
* Trust their actual experiences
* Like step-by-step instructions

Intuitives generally:
* Focus on the big picture and possibilities
* Like creative ideas
* Notice anything new or different
* Are inventive – see and believe in what could be
* Live thinking about the future
* Trust their gut instincts
* Like to figure things out for themselves

The top two Democrats in this election cycle, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are Intuitives while John McCain is a Sensor. In fact, since 1980 it seems the Democrats have generally picked an Intuitive and the Republicans pick a Sensor. This may help account for the Republican control of the White House since 1980.

David Keirsey has researched Presidential temperament. Along with other resources the following is the list of elections and their preferences:

1976 – Carter (Sensor), Ford (Sensor)
1980 – Reagan (Sensor), Carter (Sensor)
1984 – Reagan (Sensor), Mondale (?)
1988 – Bush (Sensor), Dukakis (Intuitive)
1992 – Clinton (Intuitive), Bush (Sensor)
1996 – Clinton (Intuitive), Dole (?)
2000 – Bush (Sensor, Gore (Intuitive)
2004 – Bush (Sensor), Kerry (Intuitive)

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