News: 2013-12-21


Exclusive: Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer | Reuters

Obama concedes NSA bulk collection of phone data may be unnecessary | World news |

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief | UK news | The Guardian

N.S.A. Dragnet Included Allies, Aid Groups and Business Elite –

Why Do People Keep Giving Foursquare Money? | TechCrunch

Poll: If T-Mobile pays for you to switch carriers, will you? — Tech News and Analysis

The Day Google Had to ‘Start Over’ on Android – Fred Vogelstein – The Atlantic

The iPhone forced Google to start over … or not, depending who you believe | 9to5Mac

Clock ticking for Google after EU rejects latest antitrust offer | Reuters

BlackBerry reports $4.4bn loss as sales dive –

This is how the most famous photo of all time was taken

Amazon bosses petitioned over ‘demeaning’ staff conditions | Technology |

Amazon workers in Germany to continue strikes in 2014 | Reuters



TheMoneyIllusion » Definitions are not indicators (reply to Carney)

The theory of money entanglement (Part 1) | FT Alphaville

This is the biggest mistake people are making about QE now

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: E(NGDP) level-path targeting for the people of the concrete steppes

fastFT: Feds new ‘lone dissenter’ laments taper –

Despite Falling Short of Goals, Fed Suffers From QE-Fatigue – Real Time Economics – WSJ

The long farewell to quantitative easing | Gavyn Davies

New Keynesian macro models — wildly counterfactual stories | LARS P. SYLL


North America

What Happens When Unemployment Benefits Are Cut? North Carolina Offers a Clue – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Look who Harvard and Stanford B-Schools just rejected – Fortune Management

I never thought I’d be an outlaw, but the Affordable Care Act might make me one | Diane Snyder | Comment is free |

Goldman Sachs Said to Ban Multibank Chats Amid Currency Probes – Bloomberg

Prada’s profit rise misses expectations –


Europe | Greece on track towards current account surplus in 2013, Oct. data show

UK deficit jumps to 24 year high – ONS | Business |



Chinese Interest Rates in Money Markets Jump on Friday –



Average 30-year mortgage rate moves up to 4.47%

Dow Closes At All-Time Inflation-Adjusted High Crossing Wall Street

Bull vs. Bear: Rosenberg and Yamarone debate 2014 economy | Daily Ticker – Yahoo Finance

High-yield bonds benefit from market rotation –

How to Measure Corporate America’s Huge Profits – Real Time Economics – WSJ

U.S. GDP Increases 4.1% in Third Quarter; Biggest Gain Since 2011 –


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