Daily: On Europe’s disintegration and Chinese economic data

The latest economic and political news out of Europe is quite discouraging. As you know, my base case for Europe is now a disorderly breakup because I believe events on the ground are moving quicker than politicians can adjust. Recent events bear this out.

In France, the country slipped into economic contraction in Q2, while Greece is expected to shrink 6.9% this year. Most of this can be laid at the feet of shrinking public and private sectors at the same time. The EU, for instance, expected Greek growth to be above EU growth as late as December 2008.

Meanwhile the flight out of periphery assets continues with Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany all seeing negative yields as a result. Europe has needed something to stop the bank runs. But the EuroTARP deal hammered out last weekend doesn’t look like it will de-couple sovereign and bank issues as the text post-meeting said. There is no real solidarity in Europe. It is really every nation for itself now. I see this backtracking as a very negative sign – the most obvious sign to date that Europe can’t get it done and that a disorderly breakup is coming.

Lastly, Slovenia is in the news now too because it will likely succumb to the euro crisis soon. ALl in all, Europe is an unmitigated disaster. There is no cohesion. Europe is disintegrating.

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In China, the data on trade shows a worrying deceleration in imports suggesting that domestic demand is weakening quickly. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard points to money supply figures as corroborating this. He believes China will try to export its way out of this problem of excess capacity despite the real problems in the west. I still believe a hard landing is likely. And tied into this is the Australian story. If China can reflate and socialise the losses from its latest bubble, the demand for commodities in Australia will remain robust. Otherwise, slackening demand will add urgency to the situation in Australia’s weakening housing market and cause the RBA to need to cut aggressively. Andy Xie thinks this looks like Spain, which it does because of the low unemployment and booming economy plus high mortgage debt and current account deficits balanced by low government debt and deficits. This was how Spain looked in 2006 or 2007 before the housing bubble popped.

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That’s it. Here are the links.


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