News Links: The ECB’s back-door bail-out for Italy, Spain, Belgium, and… France?

  1. EDP says

    A week ago I asked for your near term opinion….thats the “opinion” that buys groceries. No answer. Near term is corporal……thats where we live as carbon entities. I am dissapointed…I contributed to your fund raiser yet the “long” view…though meritorious keeps you out of the blood and tears of the line of scrimmage. its “safe” and diplomatic and not helpful near term. Sorry…points down for you. You split when near term it got confusing…………

    1. Edward Harrison says

      EDP, I am still in semi-vacation mode so i’m sorry for not having responded. What was your question about the near term?  If it’s about equities, I would say Europe is better priced than the US and that the potential for a benign outcome in the sovereign debt crisis favours an overweight Europe position.

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