News Links: Corzine Rebuffed Internal Warnings on Risks at MF Global

  1. Oldrich says

    Trump is onto something in this interview. Love him or hate him he is very smart and shrewd  (unlike many of his uncritical admirers and followers) and he has a great capacity (besides being an extremely competent manipulator) to “smell in the air” changing moods and opinions in society way before other people.

    “First people were loughing at the Occupy Wall Street – it is just kids having a good time…there is a fever in this country….and it festers”….

  2. Anonymous says

    The UK governments idea of claiming a share of a welfare recipients home in receipt for any help will back fire. The problem is that the mortgage support is far too generous. It is around eight times average income. It should be closer to £75 000 not £200 000. That would stop people getting into debt. Governments for too long have allowed an encouraged a massive property bubble in the UK. So now when these people lose their jobs they moan about the cost of housing support on bubbles that they encouraged and inflated.

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