Links: Trump enraged at Mueller investigation

I have a lot of links on the Trump investigation. So I thought I would make a few comments.

First, this looks a lot like Ken Starr. That is, the investigation started as one thing and then alleged crimes were discovered elsewhere and pursued.

Second, the latest turn is very difficult for Trump because it means he has two different investigations against him. It’s now not just Mueller but also New York state which is investigating his associates.

Third, with the search warrant on Michael Cohen, the NY investigation is getting very close to the Trump Organization, a private company that has never been open to public scrutiny. Trump won’t even reveal his tax records. He cannot like this in the least.

Fourth, while the Cohen warrant is ostensibly related to the Stormy Daniels affair, it does potentially open the whole Trump Organization to discovery given Cohen’s key role in that organization. If the investigators find evidence of other crimes, they will feel compelled to pursue those tracks.

I see this turn of events as important.

PS: Since I am making comments, I want to flag the Op-Ed by the Democratic National Econmic Council Advisors. Their worries about public debt are unwarranted. The debt is a political issue, not an economic one. Japan tells you that. But the fact that they are writing that piece is significant, if only for political reasons.



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