Chart of the Day: Visualizing Economics on the Top 0.1% and the Top 0.01%

Here’s a nice little graphic from the site Visualizing Economics by Catherine Mulbrandon on the US income distribution as measured by income from 2008 tax returns. I think the graphic speaks for itself. However, she says:

Recently the conversation in the news has been about the top 1%, however, in this graphic I show the breakdown of personal income by different percentiles, including the top 0.01%.

Good stuff. Check out the original post at the link below.

Source: The Top 0.01% and Top 1%’s Income Share: 2008, Visualizing Economics

(click graphic to enlarge)

  1. Matt Stiles says

    Chart could have been equally titled, “effects of 40 years of inflation.”

    1. Edward Harrison says

      If inflation hadn’t eroded the purchasing power in the 1970s, there would have been less union-driven cost-push add on, less drive to outsource and benefit from global wage arbitrage and probably less income inequality. Inflation is a tax that increases the wealth of the well-connected favoured sectors and steals from everyone else.

      1. Matt Stiles says

        No disagreement there.

        I really wish the effects of this would get more play among the disenfranchised. Instead we hear catchphrases like “tax the rich” and “corporate greed” – things that no doubt affect the plight of many (taxes and corporatism), but probably pale in comparison to this compounding burden of inflation.

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