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This is just a brief update regarding changes at Credit Writedowns.

First, you may have noticed that my posting schedule has slowed down a decent amount. I have a few things on my plate and haven’t been able to devote as much time to the blog as I would like. Actually, I was away in Mexico for the past week enjoying the beach (woo-hoo). So, I was under threat of wifely interrogation if I tried blogging too much.

Luckily, there is a lot of good content from other authors on Credit Writedowns to pick up the slack. That’s why I never wrote a message on the site telling you I was going to be away (plus I am phobic about announcing I am not at home so publicly. This site on oversharing tells you why.) I want to specially thank John Lounsbury for putting in a number of good posts in my absence. If you haven’t followed John on his site called Global Economic Intersection, you should. John also has a twitter fed that is a good read. Follow him at jlounsbur59.

In the last few days, we have also put out the full feed again. Hopefully it won’t bork the site because the last time the full feed went up, it did. But the reason it went to a summary feed to begin with was those evil site scrapers. Hopefully, that problem has ben fixed because Google seems to have started getting serious about stopping spam. Time will tell. Expect one more post on this issue in the near-term.

W still use Disqus as the comment engine for Credit Writedowns. In the past, anyone could comment. But right now, it is set so you have to register and verify e-mail to comment. This is a test, so it may not stay that way.

The last change I wanted to mention was the links post. It now comes in via the Credit Writedowns main RSS feed only. I found that the links posts were really taking a lot of time to put together. And I was looking for an automated process to help cut that time down. The RSS ‘splice’ really does the trick. So, I hope you are all happy with that. If you want the news feed but don’t do RSS, you can always sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter. And, as always, the news-feed is available on our website in more or less real-time. The best way to get real-time news is to follow me on twitter at edwardnh. I tweet all the posts and a lot more of what’s happening and it goes out real time. I enjoy chatting via twitter as well, so sign up.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for your readership.

All the best,


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