Credit Writedowns is back!

I haven’t published on this site in more than three years. When I ended my newsletter a few years ago, I folded up the blog site and ended up using the pro site for all new blog posts. It looked the same but really it was a different site, with a different website address.

And so when I started up the newsletter again this year, all the content got smashed onto the pro site – both subscription content and blog posts alike. That’s no problem for subscribers. I reckon that was annoying for people looking for the free stuff who kept hitting the paywall.  But that’s all ending today because Credit Writedowns is back.

The site will be where you can go for the free stuff and not have to worry about a paywall.  The paid content will be available as before on for supporters from Patreon. But soon, we will be taking subscribers on Credit Writedowns Pro. So, if the Patreon price point is too rich for you right now, hold on. I have a new offering coming.

It’s now been over 10 years and 10,000 posts on Credit Writedowns! Thanks for reading.



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