Launch of Daily and Weekly Newsletters at Credit Writedowns

Brief housekeeping note. I have launched a daily newsletter in which I break down the top finance, market and company stories to think about. I have already released two versions of this newsletter, the first coming out on Thursday and the second yesterday.

This is still a work in progress as both of the issues were heavily geared toward macro. I do intend to get to companies and earnings season more in coming editions.

I also intend to write a Sunday night weekly post to outline what I think are the big issues to think about in the coming week. Expect that post tomorrow night.

Now, all of these posts are going to be for Patreon supporters at the “Credit Writedowns Pro Patron” level or above only. As you may know, this website is now reader-supported via Patreon. So, access to posts and full-text emails are available on that platform, including the new daily and weekly newsletter posts.

Become a Patron! You can sign up for free and have a test run of the site’s content to see if it works for you. I will greatly appreciate the support and I am pegging prices on that platform at a significant discount to the eventual Credit Writedowns Pro prices as a result.



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