Banks Harassing and Foreclosing on U.S. Soldiers

This is from the testimony in the video below:

Soldier’s wife: I’m dealing with Chase, getting their phone calls, getting their harassment around the clock. My husband Jonathan missed two hours of our daughter’s birthday party, because Chase simply would not hang up the phone until he made a payment in which we have already paid our mortgage.

Chase representative: We clearly made mistakes. The customer service that we provided to him and to his wife was unacceptable.

Wow! And Jamie Dimon says Chase is one of the good guys. Chase made a clear statement repudiating this specific action. Nevertheless, is this a fixable mistake or a sign of a mortgage process gone horribly wrong? What can be done about it?  Take a look at the Congressional testimony reported by Dylan Ratigan below.

P.S. – This is my bank. I have used them for nearly 20 years and they are wonderful. If you are in the military, I strongly suggest you give them a try.

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