Putin says dollar hegemony ‘dangerous’ and calls for Russian-EU economic trade zone

Russia and Germany should increase their economic co-operation. This is the message Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin delivered to some of Germany’s top business leaders in Berlin. Putin went so far as to suggest a Russian-EU free trade zone "from Lisbon to Vladivostok." The under-current from Putin’s remarks has much to do with anti-US Dollar sentiment because he said specifically that having the U.S. dollar as the sole reserve currency "is definitely something negative."

Putin is serious about ditching the dollar. But will this gain any traction? RT video below. Watch the last portion as well in which Max Keiser says the re-emergence of Germany as a super power is the trend to watch.

  1. John Haskell says

    If Putin doesn’t like the hegemony of the dollar, the first thing he should do is call down the street to the Ministry of Finance and tell Alexei Kudrin to sell some of the ones he has. Maybe they could use the freed-up funds to accumulate some Belgian and Italian government bonds, I understand they represent good value in here.

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